Emergency LARP

The wait is over: the popular LARP in the hospital setting is taking place again. Are you ready?

The doors swing open and the hospital bed is pushed hectically through the hallway. A doctor gives quick instructions. A nurse keeps the distraught relatives at a distance. Meanwhile, the head of surgery and the hospital’s commercial director are fighting a shouting duel in the break room. And the shift has just begun…

Based on popular hospital series such as Grey’s Anatomy and Emergency Room, the Emergency Larp scenario offers a mix of drama and action. Playing style dramedy instead of realism. We don’t want to simulate a hospital that is as realistic as possible, but rather play with its dramatic series version. The characters can and should show great emotions and occasionally fail spectacularly in their actions. Like “real” doctors, nurses and patients, your roles should still take themselves and their actions seriously. We try to convey the flair of a hospital through props and scenery (including hospital beds), but we don’t aim for a perfect 360° illusion.


Next event: June 21th – 23th, 2024

Organizer: Waldritter e.V.
Venue: Kreativ.Campus in Herten (Ewaldstr. 20, 45699 Herten, Germany)

Minimum age: 16 years

Sign-up is possible until the March 20th, 2024.

Participation fee:
Normal price:                                270 euros
Youngster ticket (16-27 years)  200 euros
Sponsor ticket:                              normal price + donation
Super sponsor ticket:                350 euros (or more)
Discount on request.
(Super) sponsor tickets support the reduced tickets and the youngster tickets as well as the implementation of the event. Thank you for that!

Account details:
Waldritter e.V.
IBAN: DE80 4416 0014 6382 5253 00
Bank: Volksbank Dortmund
Subject: “Emergency english”, your first name and last name

Time schedule:
We meet on the start day of each run at 6 p.m. in the “ship fair” of the conference center of the Waldritter e.V.. You can also arrive beforehand at 4pm and then just stay there.
We start with a workshop to introduce the rules and the setting. The LARP ends on Saturday evening. After a reflection on the game the following Sunday morning, the event ends at 1 p.m.

Parking options:
For a fee (weekdays 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.) you can stop and unload very close to the location on “Marktplatz 45699 Herten”. Free parking is then possible on the streets “In der Feige”, “Nimrodstraße” and “Wilhelmstraße”.

Accommodation is in shared rooms. Please note that we have not initially planned a gender-specific division. However, we make every effort to take your wishes into account.
The accommodation is in the same location as the larp.

Arrival at Kreativ.Campus Herten

Directions by public transportation

Directions by car

Please bring the following with you:
– Sleeping bag/duvet
– Pillow
– Bedsheet
– Covers
– Towels

We provide you with gowns and other clothing. You are also welcome to bring your own clothes.
Please bring underwear and items to wear underneath, e.g. trousers, shirts and shoes.

Character roles:
All roles are prepared by the organization – of course in close coordination with the players. In this way we create a dense and exciting connection between the characters.

We offer different play styles:
– Fixed role in the medical field
– Fixed role as patient, non-med. Employee or similar
– Mixed form: fixed role in the medical field and around 30% to 50% of the playing time changing short-term roles, such as patients or their relatives.

This makes the gaming experience more diverse and enables in-depth character play as well as spontaneous performances with improvisation. Spontaneous changes are possible thanks to the episodic game.

Previous knowledge (whether on medical topics or hospital series) is not necessary – but it can’t hurt either.

Attention: even though our game is a mixture of drama and comedy, we also play with the representation of real illnesses and injuries, exceptional emotional situations and ultimately death.


Emergency LARP was inspired by various doctor and hospital series.

SCRUBS – 20%

Who are the Waldritter?

The Waldritter e.V. is the organizer of “Emergency LARP”. The association is a non-profit federal association that imparts education nationwide in a playful way. The association has already received several awards for its innovative offerings.

contact person

Carola Nebe

Project coordinator

Ewaldstr. 20 – 45699 Herten
Email: carola.nebe@waldritter.de